Print Layout Software & Planning Solution – Metrix

Cost driven imposition and planning solution, designed for commercial printers, sign and display printers, tag & label printing, folding carton production and digital print.

Powerful Layout Plans with AI-Driven Intelligence


Dynamic scheduling views, real-time production, and schedule status at a glance with drag-and-drop schedule editing and conflict alerts


Smart, automated production planning using the most cost-efficient job path and a highly visual workflow review


A holistic “global” approach, rather than the traditional individual jobs or work centers


Powerful what-if scenarios that let you evaluate the business impact of schedule changes

What is Metrix Imposition Printing Software?

Imposition Printing Software with Metrix.

Metrix is an industry-leading award-winning imposition printing software, print layout software and job planning solution engine. Metrix creates powerful layout plans with AI driven intelligence in seconds. It drives more accurate and responsive estimates, and increased utilization on press. Metrix can be used to plan conventional sheet and roll-fed presses, digital cutsheet devices, roll-to-roll and flatbed inkjet presses.

Metrix is available in both standalone and integrated configurations for eProductivity Software’s leading Productivity Suites (including Pace, Radius and Monarch.

How does Metrix work?

Metrix’s data-driven AI engine is central to ensuring uniformity, efficiency, error-free intelligent planning, and imposition for any size operation. Metrix is available in standalone configurations, as part of an eProductivity Suite or as a component of a 3rd party workflow or MIS.

Reduce planning and imposition tasks from hours to seconds

Pre-Press & Production

For commercial printing, Metrix is available as a standalone application. It can also integrate with many leading pre-press workflow solutions such as Kodak® Prinergy, AGFA® Apogee, Heidelberg® Prinect, Fujifilm® XMF to provide automated imposition and layouts. Metrix can produce intent based JDF for 3rd party prepress solutions. Or fully imposed PDFs making it versatile and adaptable for most applications. Metrix provides time saving automation, and intelligent cost driven imposition. It dynamically assigns jobs to the correct press based on operator, material and equipment operational cost data. This data can be used in the estimation process, to drive more accurate job costing.

Estimating, Planning & Layout Automation

When integrated as part of an eProductivity Software or 3rd party MIS or ERP, Metrix enables you to include production environment data in the planning and layout process. It provides a critical link between prepress, planning, estimating and production. It gives you the ability to eliminate errors, streamline processes, optimize manufacturing, lower costs, and improve quality. In addition, when integrated, Metrix drives improved estimation and scheduling tasks with real-time accurate job costing and planning data.


Metrix automatically determines how many press sheets you need and the optimum layout for each press sheet, It even figures out the most cost-effective printing method, press, and sheet size. Automatic, dynamic, and unsurpassed, processing hundreds of different orders (products) on a single layout. Once the layouts are planned, export JDF or imposed PDF to prepress, JDF or CIP4 to finishing, and barcoded information to your shipping department.

Built for Packaging

When integrated as a component of the eProductivity Software Packaging Suite or as a standalone solution, Metrix delivers highly optimized print change calculations for tag and label printing as well as folding carton production. Built directly into the Radius UX, the Metrix engine can analyze thousands of different layout combinations, selecting the most efficient based on ink and material utilization. This dramatically reduces operational costs, for tasks that are traditionally time and labor intensive.

Built for Wide Format

Metrix’s advanced nesting and step and repeat tools are designed to generate the most cost effective layouts for wide format, sign and display printing and graphics. Where substrate and material represent the biggest cost component of any job, Metrix drives maximum utilization and profit to your operation. Metrix can even correct and realign crop marks, sending data directly to your cutters for full production automation.

As an integrated solution, Metrix works with eProductivity Software’s leading purpose-built technology solutions (including Pace, Radius and Monarch) to deliver a seamless set of planning and layout tools built into the base MIS/ERP platform.

Integrated Edition

Administrators and users access key features within the based MIS/ERP application user interface, which then send data back to Metrix behind the scenes for processing.

Operators don’t need cross-training on a new product and continue to use the MIS/ERP tools they are familiar with.

Provides an integrated solution for combining the layout, planning, and estimation processes.

CSR’s can easily plan a job to a device, creating a layout that provides them with extremely rapid and accurate cost modelling – helping to maintain profitability.

Standalone Edition

The Metrix standalone solution can be used with virtually any pre-press solution including Kodak® Prinergy, AGFA® Apogee, Fuji® System XMF and any workflow solution with a support for the JDF/XML protocol.

Metrix is licensed per desktop client, and enables teams to plan, arrange and generate print ready layouts.

Metrix’s unique proprietary shop floor data based enables users to manage and plan jobs according to equipment specification and cost – something no other solution offers.

Who is Metrix designed for?

Commercial Printing
Quick Print Shops
Display Graphics
Digital & Offset Printing

To learn more about Metrix, check out the brochure and case study.

Always-On Cloud-Ready Services

As an eProductivity Software cloud-managed solution you won’t ever have to worry about MarketDirect server availability or uptime. You can focus on servicing your customers and your business. Our professional services team keeps your solution up to date and running smoothly, alerting you to potential threats and providing 24/7 monitoring.

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