MarketDirect Fulfillment

Dynamic, inventory management and fulfillment, event rental and reservations solution, designed for commercial printers, inplant print centers, franchise and quick printers, sign and display printers, and packaging producers.

An Intuitive, Flexible Inventory
Management & Fulfillment Solution


Designed to fit the needs of your business today and adapt as your business grows.


It just takes a few easy steps to set up your customers and build out your inventory.


Admin tools manage all aspects of your inventory, pick and pack options and cost centers.


Integrated with our premier web to print solution to seamlessly manage your online orders.

What is MarketDirect Fulfillment?

MarketDirect Fulfillment is an inventory management and event rental and reservation solution designed to simplify and automate your and pick-and-pack order workflows. With intuitive and flexible administration tools, managing your warehouse is simple and cost effective. And with a site-building wizard that is simple to configure, you can create immersive sites for your customers.

How does MarketDirect Fulfillment work?

Whether you’re offering fully managed print-inventory fulfillment services or just managing a few items for one or two customers, MarketDirect Fulfillment makes it easy to create an intuitive order portal for your customers and a lightweight admin dashboard for your staff.

Traditional print fulfillment solutions are complex and time intensive to operate and manage, MarketDirect Fulfillment leverages the latest in web eCommerce technology to provide a brilliantly simple and powerful administrative dashboard to manage your clients and orders.

MarketDirect Fulfillment will enable you to onboard new clients quickly and pain-free, reduce your operating costs and expenses and deliver a premium user experience for your customers.

Reduce handling time by 15%

Inventory Management

With MarketDirect Fulfillment you can manage your warehouse and inventory setup, orders, and production for your web to print customers. Define your warehouse layout, and inventory locations and specifications, publish products to your web to print store. When your clients place an order, a pull list will be generated, and shipping information automatically updated.

Rentals & Reservations

With the available rentals and reservations module you can manage outbound and inbound inventory for virtually any event. Your customers can create and define events, configuring the location and schedule, they can then see the products that are available for that period. You can configure special handling instructions, and automatically create the shipping slip and the return packing slips. With the rentals and reservations module you can manage your customers event logistics, printing and products with ease.

Site Building Tools

With SmartStores for MarketDirect Fulfillment you can choose from a library of site templates and begin building your inventory store quickly and easily. You can modify an existing template to include branding elements, colors and graphics without any HTML/CSS programming skills. And if your project does require a higher degree of customization, you have access to the source code and an advanced HTML/CSS editor provides complete flexibility and control over your site.

Reporting & Analytics

Measuring web to print performance, tracking transaction completion rates, and creating reports has never been easier. With MarketDirect Fulfillment’s comprehensive reporting and analytics tools you can monitor your eCommerce sites in real time. Including Google® Analytics and Tag Manager integration that lets you analyze conversion and completion right down to the product level, you’ll have all the data you need to optimize your online business.

Customer Management

Customer administration and management can be complex, with MarketDirect Fulfillment’s tools you can rapidly onboard new users with bulk import options. With complete control over user profiles, product and catalog level access privileges and even cost center and department definition, managing your customers has never been easier.

Marketing Tools

With MarketDirect Fulfillment’s available AutoEngage solution, you can turn your customer database into a CRM (customer relationship management) tool. This enables you to quickly and easily create targeted marketing campaigns and send your customers offers for discounts, new products – even to remind them to finish checking out. AutoEngage helps you increase traffic and improve transaction completion rates, best of all it’s easy to use, so you can setup and activate a campaign in minutes.

Shipping Management

MarketDirect Fulfillment’s integrated shipping option enables you to manage all aspects of your parcel handling across multiple carriers. Your customers can see all available shipping rates and delivery options with live rating across all carriers. Once the order is placed, the shipping information and service is automatically available to production, and tracking information can be shared with the customer, reducing errors and customer support tasks.

Who is MarketDirect Fulfillment designed for?

Commercial Printing
Inventory and Warehouse Management
Display Graphics
Franchise Networks

Always-On Cloud-Ready Services

As a cloud-managed solution you won’t ever have to worry about MarketDirect server availability or uptime, you can focus on servicing your customers and your business. Our professional services team keeps your solution up to date and running smoothly, alerting you to potential threats and providing 24/7 monitoring.

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