Software Solutions for the Enterprise Mailing Industry

End-to-End Productivity and Business Management for Large Scale Mailing Houses

The eProductivity Software Midmarket Print Suite is the ultimate business management tool for enterprise mailing companies. Its powerful features will enable you to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline your workflow. From order processing to shipping, this software will transform the way you interact with your customers and enhance your overall performance.

Mailing Workflow Solutions for your Business


Respond quickly and accurately to requests for quote (RFQs), process more estimates in less time, and increase your throughput


Tackle complex, multi-level mailing projects with easy-to-understand visual workflow tools


Leverage dynamic scheduling views, real-time production and schedule status, and drag-and-drop schedule editing and conflict alerts to reduce bottlenecks


Create targeted, personalized direct mailing campaigns that optimize ROI by minimizing inventory errors and material losses

What is Enterprise Mailing?

Our Direct Mail Automation Software solution provides an end-to-end solution for managing complete mailing projects. From simple repeat jobs to the most complex, multi-product, multi-version projects, Enterprise Mailing provides a structured, organized project environment that increases the accuracy and flow of all job information, allowing you to complete each project faster and more efficiently.

The Enterprise Mailing Suite workflow provides an easy-tounderstand, visual representation of complex multi-level mailing projects that can include hundreds of components required in different combinations.

The solution easily breaks down complex projects into manageable sub-jobs, reducing errors while it analyzes the cost and profitability of the job. Further, it allows for an easy and predictable way to send jobs for production to multiple plants for flexibility.

Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to 23% of emails

How does Direct Mail Automation Software work?

Direct Mail Automation Software with eProductivity Software Mailing Suite

Direct Mail Software solution is specifically designed to improve the efficiency of companies providing mailing and personalized direct marketing services by improving critical business processes, such as:

  • Estimating and pricing of mailing and direct marketing projects
  • Managing complex order entry and detailed data and production instructions
  • Scheduling, production capacity planning, and management of key milestones and critical dates
  • Managing and communicating approvals, signoffs, change orders, etc.
  • Getting accurate, real-time reporting and analysis for jobs in production- and more!

Who is Enterprise Mailing designed for?

Direct & TransPromo Mail
Transactional Mail
Mail & Commercial Printing

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