Boost your company’s performance and be prepared for market challenges

Intelligent MIS/ERP System for Printing & Packaging Industries


Metrics ensures better process management, increases in productivity and traceability, improves time to market, and automates workflow optimization


With Metrics, organizations can improve their financial reducing costs, manual functions, operational errors, and raw material and finished product stock


Metrics is an essential tool for managing printing operations. It generates insight into trends and market analysis, and manages changes efficiently


With Metrics, organizations can create complete plans with a detailed view of each stage of the process, including online monitoring of resources and customizable indicators for each department

What is EFI Metrics?

It is an end-to-end system designed to simplify your company’s processes. It is capable of handling budgets and employees reduced to constantly changing volume requirements, the continuous demand for increased performance, and the need to ensure that you are providing the customer with the required quality standard. With scalable modules, EFI Metrics allows you to easily add modules as your business expands over time, without having to replace your systems. EFI Metrics gives your company an intuitive experience that simplifies the interaction of your team, while maintaining the highest level of productivity.

Who is EFI Metrics Designed for?

Printing Industry
Graphic Industry
Packaging Industry

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