Auto-Count 4D Brochure

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In this brochure, you’ll know more about  Auto-Count® 4D, the next generation shop floor production intelligence platform that allows you to automatically collect accurate production data including counts, press status, speed, and other critical information directly from your equipment in real time.

Auto-Count 4D fully integrates with the primary MIS/ERP solutions, scheduling solutions and Fiery (via Plant Manager) to provide ease of use and full compatibility with your data management solution. With its help, you can:

  • Automate production plans
  • Create a clear production audit across the organization
  • Enhance the job communication process from production to customer service
  • Increase operator productivity
  • Improve overall plant control

Auto-Count 4D is built on the HTML5 platform, giving you the power of Auto-Count in a browser-based user interface. It has intuitive navigation for easier information access and is even built for mobile access.

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