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Integration of ePS Pace ERP and HP Indigo Empowers Point B Solutions

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eProductivity Software (ePS), a leading global technology provider for print and packaging companies, is proud to announce its partnership with HP, bringing forth an integrated solution that revolutionizes workflow processes and drives operational efficiency.

The successful integration, first announced at Dscoop Edge Rockies in 2022, will be unveiled at the 2023 Dscoop Edge St. Louis World Expo from May 7-10 and signifies a significant step toward achieving a touch-free workflow, aligning with ePS' commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to its valued customers.

ePS Midmarket Print Suite, with Pace® ERP at its core, is a leading software offering purpose-built for commercial, wide-format, and in-plant printers. Recognizing the immense potential of ePS Pace ERP and HP Indigo integration, Point B Solutions eagerly volunteered to participate as an early adopter, embracing the opportunity to optimize its operations and enhance customer experiences by streamlining pre-press efforts and digital job processes.

In addition to the seamless integration between ePS Midmarket Suite and HP Indigo, Point B Solutions is embracing other state-of-the-art technologies, including Enfocus Switch and Pitstop Server. By incorporating these solutions, Point B Solutions aims to establish a comprehensive and streamlined workflow, automating pre-flighting and approval processes while eliminating manual interactions.

Bob Raus, Americas Category Manager at HP Industrial Print, emphasized the significance of automation, stating, "The level of automation is a key indicator of a print service provider's potential for business growth and success. HP is delighted to deliver on the promise of systems integration with eProductivity Software, benefiting our customers and the industry as a whole."

The anticipated benefits of this comprehensive automation strategy are substantial time savings and enhanced productivity. Point B Solutions estimates a potential reduction of up to three days per job in the pre-press process, with even greater efficiencies for more complex projects. This transformative automation empowers Point B Solutions to redirect resources towards higher-value tasks, delivering exceptional customer satisfaction and fueling business growth.

Looking ahead, Point B Solutions and ePS envision an era of enhanced efficiency and automation, facilitated by the successful integration of ePS Pace ERP and HP Indigo. By working backward, starting from the press and moving upward, Point B Solutions has effectively established a robust connection between these cutting-edge technologies, setting a new benchmark within the industry

Doug Haefele, VP of Technology Solutions at Point B Solutions, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We're thrilled to see the advantages of a more open-source world between ePS and HP. This strategic partnership opens boundless opportunities for operational efficiency and innovation for printers like us. We can't wait to see where this collaboration can take process automation and move the industry forward."

The partnership between ePS and Point B Solutions exemplifies a shared commitment to embracing innovation and driving industry-wide advancements. Together, they are at the forefront of delivering unparalleled printing solutions, fueled by advanced workflow automation. You can learn more about the integration between ePS solutions and HP at the 2023 Dscoop Edge St. Louis World Expo by visiting ePS at booth 507.